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All About Farmhouse Sinks: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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All About Farmhouse Sinks: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Farmhouse Sink?

farmhouse sink is also called an apron sink, apron front sink or farmer's sink and is essentially a wide deep basin sink with no lips protruding out at the corners. It has no pre-drilled holes that can be used to install faucets and other accessories (the faucet holes would have to be drilled directly into the countertop). Its defining feature is a finished front that remains exposed after installation. Because of the depth and width of these sinks, they can hold many pots and pans making washing dishes a breeze. These sinks are loved for their large size, visual appeal, and ergonomic functionality.

What is a Fireclay Farmhouse Sink?

33" Double Bowl Farmhouse Sink by Latoscana | The Sink Boutique33" Double Bowl Farmhouse Sink by Latoscana

A Fireclay farmhouse sinks is a farmhouse sink made with fireclay. These sinks are very popular these days and understandably so. Fireclay is an ultra-durable material making it a good choice for a kitchen sink. In fact, the original farmhouse sinks were made in fireclay as well. It is a resilient and versatile material that is classy yet trendy. Furthermore, the clay used to make the sink is found in only certain regions in the world making each sink pretty unique.

Considering a Fireclay Farmhouse Sink for your home? Read through our Comprehensive Guide to learn all about a fireclay farmhouse sink and get the right one for your kitchen today!

Which Farmhouse Sink is Best?

The short answer is it will depend on how you use the kitchen, the design, your needs, and budget. The most popular farmhouse sink that works for most households and kitchens is a 30" or 33" single bowl white fireclay farmhouse sink. For an upscale and luxurious interpretation of the classic farmhouse sink, take a look at our collection of copper, stone or concrete farmhouse sinks.

Looking for the classic farmhouse look but in a different color? Look at our collection of black and gray farmhouse sinks.

We sell only the best farmhouse sinks from well-reputed companies such as Latoscana, Bocchi, Native Trails, Houzer, All Stone Group, Blanco, Kraus, and others.

Which Farmhouse Sink Material is Best?

Farmhouse sinks come in a variety of materials and colors. The best farmhouse sink material will depend on how you like to use your kitchen, the look you are going for and price range. 

From the classic fireclay material, these sinks come in a variety of materials including stainless steel, copper, stone, concrete, composite granite, and bamboo. You also don't need to settle for standard white color. The farmhouse sink available these days come in a variety of colors that can meet any homeowner or designers dream.

  • Stainless steel farmhouse sinks are less expensive than the other materials. They won't chip or rust and are great for heavily used kitchens and can tolerate quite a bit of abuse.

  • A fireclay farmhouse sink is slightly more expensive than ones made in stainless steel. Fireclay is durable and resistant to chips, stains, and scratches. They come in a variety of colors, styles, and designs.

  • Copper farmhouse sinks are durable, unique and luxurious. They will naturally patina over time giving them a living finish that keeps changing. Copper is known for its natural antimicrobial and antibacterial property that keeps germs at bay.

  • Stone farmhouse sinks are unique, highly durable and heat resistant. No two sinks will be alike since natural stone sinks are cut from a single block of stone. These sinks can be a little expensive in comparison to stainless steel and fireclay.

  • Cast iron farmhouse sinks are hard and durable. They are extremely heavy making installation challenging. The surface is hard, glossy and glass-like. These sinks can ship and rust if damaged by a sharp object.

With so many sink materials available on the market today it can be quite a daunting task to decide on the right material for your lifestyle and decor. If you need help determining which sink material is right for you, read this post in which we break down the pros and cons of each material.

Which farmhouse sink to buy?

Need help selecting the best farmhouse sink that will not only meet your needs but is also durable, stylish and within your budget? Feel free to hop on over to our website to browse our vast collection of farmhouse sinks. You may also contact us via email or phone. We are always ready to help!

The Bottom Line:

  • The best of the best - Farmhouse sinks from Rohl Shaws cannot be beaten! These classic handcrafted sinks come from the original English farmhouse sink maker and were introduced in 1897.
  • For a classic farmhouse look that is affordable yet durable: Latoscana, Bocchi, Crestwood, Houzer or Cahaba
  • For an upscale and luxurious interpretation of the classic farmhouse sink: Native Trails, All Stone Group, Blanco, or Kraus
  • For something in between, without any compromise on quality and design - Alfi or Whitehaus

Are farmhouse sinks worth it?

33" Roma Travertine Farmhouse Kitchen Sink by AllStone

Farmhouse sinks are charming and versatile and work well in a variety of kitchen styles, ranging from traditional and vintage to modern and contemporary. In addition to better ergonomics, these sinks are deep and huge that allow you to wash dishes, wash your produce, bathe pets and even small children. It is totally worth the investment!

Are farmhouse sinks a fad and going out of style?

Farmhouse sinks have been around for over 100 years and are a classic that will never go out of style and will remain a timeless kitchen feature. These sinks are functional, look great and can be as affordable as many stainless steel sinks out there. Chip and Joanna Gaines are largely responsible for making them this popular in the United States.

30" NativeStone Concrete Farmhouse Sink by Native Trails

Are farmhouse sinks durable?

Farmhouse sinks are known for its durability. They come in a variety of materials such as stainless steel, fireclay, cast iron, copper and stone that will last for decades. They are easy to clean and maintain. Fireclay farmhouse sinks are very popular these days.

Do farmhouse sinks stain?

By following the simple care instructions provided by the manufacturer, your farmhouse sink will look great and last you for decades to come. White fireclay sinks may stain if overlooked but the stains can easily be removed. If they do stain, here are general instructions to keep your sink sparkling clean.

Can a farmhouse sink be topmounted?

Most farmhouse sinks can be installed in 3 ways: 

  • Flush mount Installation: Where the sink sits in level to the countertop.
  • Built-up Installation: Where the sink sits above the level of the countertop.
  • Undermount Installation: Where the sink sits just below the countertop.

An undermount installation is recommended for a fireclay farmhouse sink.

Can a farmhouse sink be undermounted?

Yes. A farmhouse sink can be installed undermount, top mount or a flush mount. Read the manufacturer's installation guide for instructions as it pertains to your sink model.

You can also review the general installation guide that provides excellent tips and step by step instructions for installing a farmhouse sink.

33" Farmhouse Zuma Kitchen Sink by Native Trails

Can you retrofit a farmhouse sink?

Yes, it is possible. Make sure you read the manufacturer's installation guide and review the specific sink's products specifications sheet to ensure all the measurements will work given your base cabinet size, plumbing lines, countertop and kitchen accessories such as garbage disposal and faucets.

Essentially, you will have to:

  • measure the countertop and mark new cut lines or install a new one
  • use the sink as a template for cutting the countertop
  • build the base cabinet support structure. 
  • get new cabinet doors to cut down your existing cabinet doors to fit (some people skip the cabinet doors and install curtains below the sink).

27" Charcoal Black Fireclay Farmhouse Sink by Crestwood | The Sink Boutique27" Fireclay Farmhouse Sink by Crestwood, Charcoal Black

Can I put a farmhouse sink in existing cabinets?

Yes, it is possible but they will need to be reworked.

  • Farmhouse sinks are heavy and need to be supported, hence, a support structure will need to be built.
  • Due to the depth of farmhouse sinks (about 9-10" deep), the cabinet doors will need to be cut down and repainted or replaced.
  • The front face of the cabinet will need to be reworked and a new piece of trim made and added to the cabinet.
  • Make sure the sink is completely level from the top and bottom. You can use shims to make adjustments.
  • Be prepared to remove or replace the entire countertop and possibly re-plumb your drain lines.

What size farmhouse sink should I get for a 36" cabinet?

The recommended size for a 36" base cabinet is a 33" farmhouse sink or smaller. It is recommended that your base cabinet be 3 inches larger than the size of the farmhouse sink you are considering to install.


Do farmhouse sinks require special cabinets?

Yes, Custom cabinets for farmhouse apron sinks can be ordered for new kitchen installations. If retrofitting into an existing cabinet, changes will need to be evaluated and made. These changes may include reworking the face of the cabinet, cutting down the cabinet doors and refinishing them and building out a support structure for the heavy farmhouse sink.

Can a farmhouse sink have a garbage disposal?

Yes, absolutely. A garbage disposal can be installed to any farmhouse sink be it a single bowl or a double bowl. In most cases, you can use the stainless steel drain attachments that come with the garbage disposal unit. Farm sinks have a standard 3 1/2" drain opening, hence, you will not need to purchase anything in addition.

Thicker farmhouse sinks, particularly some fireclay sinks, will need an extended flange and this can be purchased separately. In addition, if you would like to match your drain attachment with your farmhouse kitchen faucet and cabinet hardware, you may select a drain from our collection. We highly recommend matching your drains with your faucet and hardware for that designer look!

33" Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink by Kraus | The Sink Boutique33" Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink by Kraus


  1. The generally recommended horsepower for a fireclay farmhouse sink is under 1 HP. Most households can get by just fine with 1/2 or 3/4 HP.
  2. Make sure you have enough room under the sink to house your garbage disposal. Farmhouse sinks are deep and will reduce the amount of space you have in the cabinet below.
  3. Short on space? Look into compact disposals and talk to your plumber about re-plumbing your drain line and possibly moving the outgoing line down a few inches.
  4. During installation, do not over tighten the mounting flange.
  5. When selecting a disposal flange in a different color and finish ensure it is compatible with the garbage disposal. Check with your plumber or the garbage disposal manufacturer.

Can a farmhouse sink be used with laminate countertops?

Farmhouse sinks are typically installed undermount and hence, are not compatible with laminate countertops. Look for an over-mount farmhouse sink that could be retrofitted with the cabinets and one that sits on top of the laminate countertop to eliminate the risk of water damage and warping. Talk to your designer or professional installer.

The best countertop for farmhouse sinks is a solid surface such as granite.

Can I Install any Faucet with a Farmhouse Sink?

Adding the right farmhouse kitchen faucet to your farmhouse sink will exponentially add to the overall look of your kitchen. Not all faucets are created equal and hence choosing one might be tricky, sometimes overwhelming and can take time and patience. You will find a myriad of options with different styles, colors, finishes, and features, but your choices are generally limited to the kitchen style, type, and size of your farmhouse sink and cabinet hardware you have installed.

Read our Farmhouse Kitchen Faucets for Farmhouse Sinks article to review the different types of farmhouse style kitchen faucets that would look lovely with your farmhouse sink and our thoughts on how to go about selecting a farmhouse kitchen faucet.

If this page falls short, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

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