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Native Trails Bathroom Vanity: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

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As an online retailer of high-quality bathroom fixtures and accessories, The Sink Boutique offers a wide selection of Native Trails vanities in various sizes and styles to fit your needs. Here we will provide you will all the information you may need to purchase a preconfigured vanity set that includes the sink, vanity base, and vanity top or, help you create your own vanity set that can be mixed and matched with a sink, top and base to create a customized look for your bathroom.

About Native Trails

Native Trails Logo

Native Trails is a company dedicated to crafting exquisite, handcrafted kitchen and bathroom fixtures that seamlessly blend artistry and functionality. With a strong emphasis on sustainability, quality craftsmanship, and traditional artisanal techniques, Native Trails has established itself as a leader in the industry.

Committed to environmental preservation, Native Trails takes pride in using eco-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing practices. By working with reclaimed wood, copper, concrete, and other natural resources, the company ensures that its products not only enhance spaces but also minimize their ecological impact.

Native Trails' team of skilled artisans meticulously handcrafts each piece, infusing it with character and a unique story. From their copper sinks that gracefully age over time to their thoughtfully designed vanities and bathtubs, every Native Trails creation exemplifies the company's unwavering commitment to exceptional craftsmanship.

The company's devotion to detail is evident in every aspect of its designs. Whether it's the intricate patterns etched into their concrete sinks or the hand-hammered textures of their copper products, Native Trails' designs embody a timeless elegance that transcends passing trends and leaves a lasting impression.

Understanding Native Trails Bathroom Vanity Bases, Vanity Tops and Sinks

Native Trails Vanity Bases

A vanity base is the foundational structure of a bathroom vanity. It typically consists of a cabinet or a set of cabinets that provide storage space for bathroom essentials such as towels, toiletries, and cleaning supplies. The vanity base serves as a support for the countertop and sink, and it also adds aesthetic appeal to the overall bathroom design.

Native Trails offers vanity bases made from various materials such as reclaimed wood, FSC-certified solid oak, each with its own characteristics and style. Reclaimed wood has a rustic and weathered look while oak, providing a timeless and classic appeal.

Native Trails vanity tops interchange easily to fit with each vanity base, and they provide multiple cut-out configurations to fit a variety of sinks.
Vanity Base from Native Trails

Native Trails Vanity Tops

A Native Trails vanity top refers to the surface that sits atop a bathroom vanity base and provides a functional and aesthetic element to the overall vanity design. Native Trails vanity tops often feature the same high-quality materials found in their other products. Native Trails vanity tops are available in the following materials.

  1. NativeStone: NativeStone is Native Trails' signature material, which is a blend of cement and natural jute fiber. It is a durable, lightweight, and sustainable material that resembles concrete but is much lighter in weight. NativeStone vanity tops have a modern and sleek appearance and are available in five different finishes.

  2. Carrara Marble: Carrara marble is a classic and timeless material known for its elegance and natural beauty. Native Trails offers Carrara marble vanity tops that feature the distinctive veining and soft color variations of this type of marble.

  3. Copper: Native Trails offers copper vanity tops that are available in an antique copper or brushed nickel finish. Their antique copper vanity tops from the Cozumel collection can bring a unique and rustic charm that can add warmth and a natural appeal.

It's important to note that Native Trails vanity tops are typically sold separately from the vanity base, allowing you to mix and match different styles and materials to create a customized vanity setup that suits your taste and bathroom design.

Native Trails provides cutout options for the NativeStone and Italian Carrara Marble vanity tops with and various faucet hole configurations. All NativeStone Vanity Tops are 1.18″ thick and sealed with NativeStone Shield™. All Carrara tops are .75″ thick. For your review, here is a link to the cut out options available in the five NativeStone finishes and Italian carrara marble.

Cut-Out Options:

  1. Vessel available with single faucet hole or no faucet hole. This configuration works with most vessel sinks

  2. Classic available with 8" Faucet spread

  3. Rectangle available with 8" Faucet Spread or Single faucet hole. This configuration works with Classic, Rolled Classic, Cuyama, Hibiscus, Tolosa and Maestro Lotus

  4. Large Trough available with Single faucet hole that also works with wall-mounted faucets. This configuration works with NativeStone Trough 3619 with either single or no faucet holes

  5. Small Trough Sink - This configuration works with NativeStone Trough 3019 with either single or no faucet holes.

  6. Integrated Sink options with 8" widespread pre single hole cutout.

Vanity Cut Out Option from Native Trails

Sink(s) for your Native Trails Bathroom Vanity

Native Trails offers a range of vanity sinks made from different materials, each with its own unique characteristics. Here are some of the materials commonly used by Native Trails for their vanity sinks:

  1. Copper: Copper sinks are a signature offering from Native Trails. Copper sinks bring a warm and inviting aesthetic to the bathroom with their rich patina and unique color variations. They are durable, antimicrobial, and require minimal maintenance.

  2. NativeStone: NativeStone is a proprietary material developed by Native Trails. It is a blend of cement and natural jute fiber, resulting in a lightweight and sustainable material. NativeStone sinks have a modern and sleek appearance, resembling concrete but with reduced weight.

  3. Fireclay: Native Trails also offers vanity sinks made from Fireclay. Hand glazed with genuine precious metals in 24k Matte Gold, Silver or Platinum on either the entire sink, or the exterior only (select options).

  4. Glass: Expert Italian glass-makers produce these spun-glass sinks utilizing techniques handed down over many generations. The result – exquisite, one-of-a-kind statement pieces for luxury design.

  5. Nickel: Constructed of 16-gauge copper for lasting elegance and durability and plated with the highest quality nickel in the industry

Each material used by Native Trails for their sinks offers its own unique aesthetic and features. The choice of material depends on personal style, desired durability, and maintenance requirements. Native Trails focuses on creating sinks that are visually stunning, environmentally friendly, and built to last.

How to customize a Native Trails Vanity

Native Trails base models may vary in terms of design, dimensions, and available features, so it's recommended to refer to the product specifications to determine which vanity tops and sinks are compatible with the vanity base of your choice. If you would to purchase a preconfigured vanity set, you may peruse the complete bundles here.

When it comes to pairing vanity tops and vanity bases, there are a few things to consider, such as the size of the vanity top, the type of sink, and the style of the vanity base. Here are some general guidelines to help you choose the right combination:

  • Size: Make sure the vanity top you choose is compatible with the size of the vanity base. Most vanity tops come in standard sizes, such as 24", 30", 36", and 48", so be sure to measure your vanity base to ensure a proper fit.

  • Sink Type: Consider the type of sink you want to install. Some vanity tops come with an integrated sink, while others require a separate undermount or vessel sink. Make sure the sink you choose is compatible with the vanity base and the vanity top.

  • Style: Consider the style of your bathroom and choose a vanity top and base that complement each other. For example, if you have a modern bathroom, you may want to choose a vanity top with clean lines and a sleek finish, paired with a vanity base with a contemporary design. If you have a traditional bathroom, you may want to choose a vanity top with a more ornate edge profile, paired with a vanity base with classic detailing.

Step 1: Choose the size of your bathroom vanity base (width)

Native Trails offers vanity bases in the following sizes: 30", 36" and 48" within 6 of their current collections:

  1. Americana: made from reclaimed barn wood. Its beautifully textured wood, rescued from structures of the past: old barns, homesteads, and fencing, has stood the test of time. This heirloom-quality salvaged wood bathroom vanity lends a soulful presence and is complemented with hand-forged iron hardware. The artisan-crafted vanity base pairs with stone or copper vanity tops.

  2. Cuzco: Cuzco Vanity pairs the sleek, enduring beauty of steel with one of three perfectly paired accent panels. Choose the sublime texture of Antique Copper or Brushed Nickel, or the classic grace of Carrara Marble. Pairs perfectly with any of our stone or copper vanity tops.

  3. Solace: Solid FSC certified oak pairs beautifully with cool concrete to create a transitional bath vanity and mirror collection. Complete the look with a NativeStone® Ash Vanity Top and sink, or Palomar Vanity Top with integrated sink.

  4. Topanga: Eastern European woodworking has a long, centuries-old heritage, with its traditions and knowledge passed on through the generations. From the plains to the mountains to the Danube river, the rich forests provide sustainably grown, FSC® certified hardwoods for quality furniture.

  5. Vintner: Handcrafted from oak staves salvaged after their useful life in the winemaking process ends, Vintner’s weathered finish is a result of the oak soaking in wine for many months. The hard working oak staves are infused with tannins, aroma, and coloration of the grapes, and then transformed into beautiful bath vanities and mirrors with a unique history.

  6. Zaca: Sleek stainless steel pairs with NativeStone® to elevate the bath as never before. This ADA compliant wall mounted vanity is suited well for a luxury home design or a hospitality setting. Choose from 36" or 48" sizes and complete the look with a coordinating NativeStone trough sink and mirror.

Step 2: Select the compatible vanity top

As discussed earlier in the vanity tops section, Native Trails vanity tops are available in all five NativeStone® finishes, as well as Italian Carrara Marble, NativeStone and Copper. Here is a summary of the colletions available:

  • Capistrano: Named after the famous beach town in California where sand meets surf in perfect harmony, Capistrano is the perfect blend of vanity top and sink. With its spacious trough shaped sink integrated into the concrete vanity top, Capistrano is a beautifully styled piece with serious functionality, that makes sink installation a breeze. This NativeStone Vanity Top with Integral Sink comes in 36" and 48". These vanity tops are artisan-made from a breakthrough combination of natural jute fiber and cement and is 40% lighter than standard concrete

  • Carrara Marble: This durable, Italian marble vanity top is smooth and lightly polished for a classic look. Carrara, a timeless marble, lends grace and strength to a wide variety of styles in vanity bases and sinks. Comes in 30", 36", 48", and Bordeax. You may choose from several cut-out configurations and an optional backsplash.

  • Cozumel: Cozumel Vanity Top is an impressive display of artisan crafted mastery; forged from high-quality recycled copper, hand hammered for strength, visual interest and an appealing texture. Wonderfully functional, Cozumel’s integrated sink and clean lines make for simple maintenance. Gorgeous, durable, and unexpected, Cozumel pairs beautifully with standard sized vanity bases. This hammered Copper Vanity Top with an integrated, curved basin comes in 30" or 36". It comes pre-drilled for 8″ faucet spread and is ADA and UPC Compliant.

  • NativeStone: Durable and versatile, NativeStone Vanity Tops feature natural materials and timeless design that coordinates beautifully with our full line of vanities – or any standard vanity. The exclusive nano-sealing process creates an incredibly stain resistant surface that is refreshingly easy to maintain. Comes is 30", 36" and 48" with various cut-out options for a vessel sink that is available with single faucet hole or no faucet hole, classic cut-out available with 8” faucet spread, rectangle cutout available with 8” Faucet Spread or Single faucet hole and finally a trough cut-out available with single faucet hole that also works with wall mounted faucets.

  • Palomar: There are definitely times for one piece – perfectly coordinated, delightfully functional, utterly beautiful. That’s Palomar. Palomar Concrete Vanity Top and Integral Sink is the winner of GREEN GOOD Design award 2016, 2015 Best New Bath Product by This Old House magazine, and 2015 Architizer A+ Product Awards Special Mention. This option comes in 30", 36" and 48".

Step 3: Select a compatible vessel sink, trough sink or drop-in or undermount option

Native Trails offers many sinks made from sustainable materials that can transform any bath into a personal retreat. Create a rejuvenating sanctuary with Native Trails’ selection of bathroom sinks, mirrors, vanities, and tubs. Here is a look at the various sink collections.

  • Precious Metals: The Precious Metals Collection, featuring truly unique genuine metal finishes in 24k Gold, Silver, Platinum – and now Gunmetal, which combines all three into one sultry hue. Glazed by hand by Italian artisans, each fine fireclay sink receives a one-of-a-kind, luxurious metal finish. Kiln-fired three times for strength and durability, then finished with an exceptionally tough, custom formulated sealer, that gorgeous finish will endure the test of time.

  • Copper and Nickel: An inspired convergence of texture, craft and tradition transforms your bathroom into a personal sanctuary. These copper bathroom sinks indulge with their beauty and practicality, and the brushed nickel sinks deliver all the durability and easy maintenance of copper, in a luxurious finish.

  • NativeStone®: CONCRETE DONE BETTER. A masterful blend of contemporary innovation with rustic sensibilities characterizes the groundbreaking NativeStone® Collection. Hand-crafted using a sustainable blend of natural materials, these eco-friendly bathroom sinks are exceptional in their lighter weight, one-of-a-kind coloration, and extraordinary stain, scratch, and crack resistance. NativeStone bathroom sinks are now sealed with NativeStone Shield for ultimate protection from stains, scratches and cracks

  • Murano: The Murano Collection perfectly combines age-old artisan tradition with contemporary design and function. Expert Italian glass-makers produce these spun-glass sinks utilizing techniques handed down over many generations. The result – exquisite, one-of-a-kind statement pieces for luxury design. The Murano Collection consists of seven Design Series that incorporate colors and patterns inspired by views of the Italian coastline.

  • Maestro: An ingenious marriage of metallurgy, artistry, and tradition characterizes the esteemed Maestro Collection of hammered copper bathroom sinks. Wrought by master craftsmen using centuries-old techniques, these heavy 15 gauge sinks endure up to 30,000 strikes of the hammer to bring out the copper’s exquisite splendor and distinctive texture.

  • Troughs: Inspired by traditional communal sinks used in the early days of indoor plumbing, today’s trough sinks transcend their humble beginnings. With their spacious capacity, sleek lines, and variety of sizes, Native Trails hand hammered copper trough sinks or NativeStone trough sinks create a legacy all their own.

Step 4: Complete the look with mirrors, faucets and lights!

Buying a Native Trails vanity from The Sink Boutique is a great way to elevate your bathroom and create a more luxurious space. With the right piece, you can transform your bathroom into a spa-like oasis that you'll enjoy for years to come. 

If you have any questions about which combination would work best for your space, you can always contact The Sink Boutique customer service for assistance.


Choosing the right bathroom vanity is an important decision when it comes to both the functionality and style of your bathroom. Here are some tips to help you choose the right bathroom vanity for your space. For assistance with selecting or customizing your bathroom vanity, contact us at The Sink Boutique.

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