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Looking for alternatives to the Kohler Whitehaven Farmhouse Sink?

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The Kohler Whitehaven Farmhouse Sink is undoubtedly a kitchen classic, but if you're on the lookout for something different yet equally exceptional, you're in the right place. Our collection of retrofit farmhouse sinks, also known as drop-in or top mount apron front sink, or self-rimming farmhouse sinks, allows you to achieve the charm of a farmhouse sink without undergoing a full kitchen renovation. This versatile sink style can be installed into existing cabinetry, making the process more convenient and cost-effective.

At The Sink Boutique, we understand the importance of finding a sink that not only meets your functional needs but also aligns with your style and feature preferences.

Streamlined Farmhouse Style

Just like the Kohler Whitehaven Farmhouse Sink, our collection of retrofit sinks offer a variety of farmhouse sink styles in multiple sizes and materials. Whether you're drawn to a more rustic charm or a modern interpretation of the farmhouse aesthetic, our alternatives provide the versatility you're seeking. 

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Key Features of our Retrofit Farmhouse Sink Collection

Easy Installation and Adaptability

The Kohler Whitehaven's shortened apron design and installation feature make it a breeze to install, especially for remodeling projects. Our curated selection includes sinks that share this ease of installation. The shortened apron allows compatibility with most standard cabinetry, and the desgin ensures a straightforward installation process. 

The short apron front works with both standard sink base cabinets and ones designed for apron-front sinks. We carry styles that may be dropped-in  or top-mounted, undermounted to hide rough cuts for easy retro-fit.

Spacious and Efficient Design

Our alternatives also feature spacious single basins or double basins, catering to your need for roominess. Additionally, the sinks are designed with a sloped bottom, ensuring efficient draining and easy cleanup.

Durability and Timeless Beauty

In our collection, you'll find sinks with similarly durable constructions, ensuring resistance to chipping, cracking, or burning. These sinks are not just functional; they're investments in lasting style and performance. The retrofit collections comes in many materials including Fireclay, Glacierstone, Granite/Quartz Composite, and Stainless Steel.

Options to Enhance Your Kitchen Experience

Our alternatives bring their own unique characteristics to the table. Whether you're looking for a bold statement piece or a sink that seamlessly blends with various kitchen styles, our collection offers a range of options to enhance your kitchen experience. We have options where the accessories such as colander, cutting board, roller mat, basket strainer, bottom grid, are included or can be purchased to enhance you workflow.

Discover Your Perfect Fit

Ready to explore these alternatives and find the sink that resonates with your vision? Visit The Sink Boutique and browse our handpicked collection designed to cater to every taste and kitchen style. From modern marvels to rustic retreats, we have sinks that go beyond the ordinary, turning your kitchen into a canvas of self-expression.

Don't settle for the expected – elevate your kitchen with The Sink Boutique. Discover your perfect sink today!

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