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Selecting a Farmhouse Kitchen Faucet for Your Farmhouse Sink

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Farmhouse Style Kitchen Faucets

Timeless grandeur or ageless symmetry, a farmhouse kitchen faucet will make an enchanting statement to any type of kitchen: modular, vintage or otherwise.  If its stylish assertion does not allure you then its practical functionalities just might.

Adding the right farmhouse kitchen faucet to your farmhouse sink will exponentially add to the overall look of your kitchen. Not all faucets are created equal and hence choosing one might be tricky, sometimes overwhelming and can take time and patience. You will find a myriad of options with different styles, colors, finishes, and features, but your choices are generally limited to the kitchen style, type, and size of your farmhouse sink and cabinet hardware you have installed.

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Read on to review the different types of farmhouse style kitchen faucets that would look lovely with your farmhouse sink and our thoughts on how to go about selecting a farmhouse kitchen faucet.

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Thoughts on Selecting a Farmhouse Kitchen Faucet

Among all the farmhouse kitchen faucet options out in the market these days, we hope that after reading this post, getting a farmhouse kitchen faucet is a little bit easier.

Despite the number of styles, finishes, colors, and features available to choose from, faucets have become reliable and most brands provide lifetime warranties that give one peace of mind. So choosing the best farmhouse kitchen faucet for your kitchen and sink comes down to your feature requirements, style, and budget.

  • Finalize the style and aesthetic desired: modern, vintage, industrial or traditional
  • Confirm the requirements based on the size of the sink - check the water lines for compatibility, size of the pipe, spout height and reach required for your farmhouse kitchen faucet and finally know the finish.
  • For good aesthetics, the farmhouse kitchen faucet should match the finish of the sink accessories and kitchen hardware.
  • Pay attention to manufacturer care instructions as using the wrong chemical cleaners will cause degradation in the finish. We always recommend using homemade cleaners (warm soapy water or vinegar) that are gentle and will not farm the finish in any way.
  • Always consult a plumber or professional to get the final "OK" on your farmhouse kitchen faucet selection!

We hope you feel well equipped to select your farmhouse kitchen faucet. Here is our collection of Farmhouse Kitchen Faucets.

Pull Down Faucets

The pull-down faucet has integrated spray functions and features a head that pulls down into the sink.  It offers the best ergonomic value with one fluid motion and requires less guidance.  With a high-arc design, it gives you more height clearance in the sink that makes it ideal for filling pots and cleaning dishes. 

These farmhouse kitchen faucets come in a variety of colors, finishes, and, materials in the market.  You can blend them with your cabinet hardware or choose a contrasting shade for a more contemporary look.  If you want more durability, the chrome finish is the best choice while the nickel and bronze color faucets closely follow. You can go either basic or sophisticated with this kind of faucet.  

A pull-down kitchen faucet is versatile and pairs well with any farmhouse sink and will look wonderful in a modern or traditional space.

Farmhouse Kitchen Faucet - Pull Down Faucets | The Sink Boutique

Pull Out Faucets

This is another sprayer-type faucet that at first glance looks simple yet is very versatile. Just as the pull-down faucet, the pull-out faucet is integrated with spray functions; however, the main distinctiveness is that the head pulls towards you rather than going down into the sink. It is the best option for the farmhouse sink if space is limited and you need a longer spray hose that allows you to fill pots or pans on the counter.

You have limited options pertaining to styles of pull-out faucets but they are usually more durable and lighter on your pocket. The pull-out faucets also come in a variety of colors, including chrome, nickel, bronze, white, and others.

A pull-out kitchen faucet is also versatile and pairs well with any farmhouse sink and will look wonderful in a traditional, rustic, or chic-country space.

Farmhouse Kitchen Faucet - Pull-out Faucets | The Sink Boutique

Faucets with side sprayer

This is the most traditional type of faucet in comparison to the pull-down and pull-out faucet.  If you prefer a kitchen faucet without a detachable head, the side sprayer faucet should be your choice. It all comes down to the functionalities it has to offer.  The side sprayer is placed adjacent to your main faucet and can be pulled out for washing large dishes and tough places to reach. 

Best choice for larger sinks with a classic tone, the side spray is generally available with all types of faucets or you could add a matching one with your existing faucet.  An important point to remember is that your countertop will need an additional hole to accommodate the sprayer. 

You will find many faucets with side sprayers and it pairs well in a traditional, rustic, chic-country/farmhouse or vintage space.

Farmhouse Kitchen Faucet - Kitchen Faucets with Sprayer | The Sink Boutique

Bridge Faucets

Nothing comes close to the bridge faucets to suit a classic décor.  Since most farmhouse sinks usually represent a bygone-era vibe, adding a bridge faucet to the setup is a close-to-perfection match.  This faucet type has splits connected to the hot and cold-water intake with a bridge-like design joining them to the main faucet itself. 

These faucets work splendidly with wider undermount farmhouse sinks and country and cottage-chic kitchen setups. Bridge faucets require a minimum of three holes drilled into your countertop.  If you want to add on the side sprayer, you would need an additional hole.

The bridge faucets have been in the market since a very long and the color & design choices are limitless.  If you choose Bronze faucets to go along with the classic décor, just make sure to use it with caution since the coating can be chipped or scratched more easily than traditional metal faucets.

A marriage made in heaven. The Bridge Faucet is the perfect pair for a farmhouse sink that speaks to a classic decor that represents a bygone era - rustic, chic-country, farmhouse or vintage!

Farmhouse Kitchen Faucet - Bridge Faucets | The Sink Boutique

Old-World or Vintage Faucets

Specially designed to complement your vintage décor, the old-world faucets embody a traditional warmth. These faucets have a straight bar that supports the bridge at a right angle. The hot and cold water pipes need to be adjusted and connected within the single bar since no additional holes are required.

Brushed nickel, gold plated and, oil rubbed bronze colors are preferred while choosing old-world faucets.  We recommend that you choose a branded faucet if you are buying an old-world faucet since the ‘faucet finish’ is of higher quality and lasts for a longer period.  Could be a bit pricey but totally worth the investment.

The Vintage and Old-World faucets also pair really well with a farmhouse sink that speaks to a classic decor that represents a bygone era - rustic, chic-country, farmhouse or vintage!

Farmhouse Kitchen Faucet - Vintage and Old World Faucets | The Sink Boutique

Industrial and Restaurant-style Faucets

Highly efficient and featuring a longer flexible design, the commercial restaurant-style faucet gives a professional look to your farmhouse sink and the kitchen’s overall layout.

Depending on the model you choose, you might find multiple taps and detachable sprayer heads for different needs.  Designed using modern technologies, the commercial restaurant-style faucets can handle large volumes of water and gives you amazing flexibility throughout your sink space. 

If you are unsure of the type of finish, our recommendation would be to go for the chrome finish.  It is tougher, durable and, more scratch-resistant while also adding a commercial and professional look to your farmhouse sink and kitchen.

The Industrial and Restaurant-Style faucet is for the heavy-duty kitchen and modern/contemporary farmhouse sink with straight edge corners and thinner walls. 

Farmhouse Kitchen Faucet - Industrial Commercial and Restaurant Style Faucets | The Sink Boutique

Modern Faucets

The description says it all.  The modern faucet blends right into the modern farmhouse sink and kitchen style.  These faucets require a single hole and have a simple stick control.  With nothing overly fancy its allure is in its simplicity.  Pairs perfectly with stainless steel or even a white farmhouse sink while maintaining the contemporary looks of your kitchen.

Modern faucets are very durable and do not put a strain on your pockets. A quick tip, choose a modern faucet with a gooseneck that can swivel side to side for additional reach and flexibility.

Farmhouse Kitchen Faucet - Modern and Contemporary Faucets | The Sink Boutique

Wall Mounted Faucets

Dealing with space constraints?  Wall-mounted faucets are the answer.  Ideal for small homes or kitchens, the wall-mounted faucet gives you more space and are easily available in a large number of colors, sizes, styles, types, etc.

The two main drawbacks of the wall-mounted faucets for farmhouse sinks. The first is that there tends to be more water splashing. The second is that it could require remodeling your kitchen to accommodate special drains and valves that need to be installed in the kitchen walls.

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