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Delivery Inspection Guidelines

To prepare for delivery, please make sure to carefully inspect the package and follow the inspection guidelines listed below to ensure that the product you ordered was not damaged during shipping. 

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Inspection Guidelines for Ground Shipping

  • Please carefully inspect the item(s) you ordered within 24 hours of delivery to ensure no damage occurred during shipping. Take the item(s) outside the box and remove any packaging to complete a thorough inspection. 
  • If your item(s) do arrive damaged, please send detailed photos to within 24 hours of delivery so we can figure out what went wrong.
  • Please send us pictures of:
    - the entire box
    - close up of the damage
    - shipping label on the box
    - any damage to the box
    - the label on the box
    - the barcode printed at the bottom of the sink (for Latoscana fireclay sinks only)
  • We cannot guarantee to take responsibility if we were not notified within 24 hours of receipt.

Inspection Guidelines for Freight Shipping

The freight company will call you to arrange an estimated delivery time. You will need to schedule the delivery within two business days from the day you are contacted. Failure to do this may result in storage fees that must be paid by the customer. 

Your shipment will arrive on a full-size tractor-trailer. If a tractor trailer cannot deliver to your ship-to address, you will need to make arrangements with the freight company when you schedule the delivery appointment.

  • It is very important to inspect the products in the presence of the delivery driver. If there’s any mistake, damage or missing part, note it on the delivery receipt and contact us immediately. (It is normal for packaging to show some wear).
  • Open each package. If there is any damage to the merchandise, take pictures, write the description of the damage on the freight bill and then inspect the inside before the driver leaves the premises.
  • If the driver does not wait please write “DRIVER REFUSED INSPECTION” on the freight bill.
  • Remember, your signature means you are signing your approval of the merchandise condition.
  • Take pictures of damages and email us at within 3 days of delivery.
  • It is important to notify us ASAP so we can file the insurance claim with the carrier or it will expire.