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AllStone Group Stone Sinks

For over 20 years The Allstone Group, LLC has specialized in producing sinks and bathtubs made with natural stone, from a simple granite boulder to a petrified wood log, or a block of Carrara Marble, to create stunning works of art for your home or business.


Black BasaltNearly as hard as granite, which makes it a great choice for kitchen use. Sealers are not necessary, and maintenance is little to none.

Black Granite - This elegant stone has a gunmetal black look. This is the hardest and most dense stone we stock, making it suitable for both home and commercial use in kitchens.

Black Lava - This unique stone produces a rich charcoal/black look.

Carrara White Marble - This classic Italian stone is white with veins of gray. It is one of the hardest white marbles available.

Charcoal Marquina Soapstone - This soapstone from Brazil is on the harder side, thus making it ideal for kitchen sink use. Marquina is very dense and any staining will only be on the surface and can easily be removed.

Crema Lyon Limestone - This distinctive limestone yields an intense buff color with small veins and a few light brown fossils.

Emperador Dark Marble - This classic stone from Spain renders warm tones of brown among unique veins of mahogany brown and white, these will naturally vary in both the number of veins and their brown tones.

Mercury Granite - This hard-dense stone has a fine to medium grain, and a muted liquid mercury color, which complements most modern kitchens.

Roma Travertine - From Italy, this is by far the best travertine we have ever offered. It contains alluring waves of veins in varying shades of beige and brown.

Stratus Marble - These beautiful sinks have all been cut to expose the horizontal veining and the stratus color variations of taupe, beige and gray.

Petrified Wood - Handcrafted from rare petrified wood logs.